"Van Moon Rising" is the seventh and final episode of first season of Allen Gregory. It is also the final episode of the series altogether.


Van Moon Rising
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date December 18, 2011
Written by Gene Hong
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Richard's old rival comes back to taunt him about his adopted African son Richard and Jeremy decide that they should brag about Julie who is Cambodian and adopted also, but she doesn't want to due to Richard knowing almost nothing about her .Jeremy talks to her and she agrees to do it .Richard and Julie make up , and it's revealed that Richard's rival is a fraud and he paid a boy to be his fake son .

Allen has once again sexually harassed Principal Gottlieb this time she has had enough and hits him, giving him a black and blue eye . Allen doesn't learn anything and goes back to harassing her trying not to mention what happpend, while Gottileb says sorry and accidentally reveals that she doesn't want to lose her job and Allen blackmails her into flirting with him and going on a date with him . She actually enjoys the date but the decor not the Allen part. Gottleib realizes she is married and stops doing stuff for him . Allen tries telling on her but than figures that he can blame it on Gina . Instead of firing her, Stewart, the leader of the school board { who has gave her the date rape drug before } just tries molesting her ... again .