Richard De Longpre is Allen's biological and homosexual father.

When he became one of Jeremy's clients, he became attracted to Jeremy, who is actually a heterosexual, to the point of stalking him until he divorced his wife for Richard.

He has rather twisted views on the world.

Richard is cruel, childish, insensitive, selfish, inconsiderate, all at the same time.

In almost every episode, he treats Jeremy extremely badly to the point of abuse

- In 1 Night in Gottlieb, he is rude towards Julie's friends. He tells a girl with a broken back to take off her cast and is enough of an imbecile to confuse Julie's other friend, a rather chubby girl, for a boy.

-In Gay School Dance, because Joel Zadak invites Patrick to the school dance instead of Allen, he literally tells Principal Gottlieb to make the school dance gay. This means that boys are required to ask other boys and girls are required to ask girls. Instead of accusing Richard for crimes against humanity and having him arrested, which she should've done, she falls for his hypocrisy when he says "I wonder how superintendent Rosmayer will react to your insensitivity, Judith".

- He also believes he can do any job at his company, even though his father gave him Pointless ones because he couldn't handle real ones. In addition, he likes to claim what HE thinks is racist or insensitive, when really in the aforementioned episodes, HE'S the one being insensitive. Thus, he is rendered as a hypocrite.

-In contrast to Allen, who is seven years old and acts like an adult, Richard is supposedly in his 30's and throws tantrums l

Also, Richard was considered by some critics just as bad as Allen. Most other critics considered him to be even worse.