"Interracial McAdams" is the fourth episode of first season of Allen Gregory.


Interracial McAdams
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date November 20, 2011
Written by Hayes Davenport
Directed by Benard Derriman
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Richard works as "Super CEO" at a company. This is a fake title gaven to him by the owner of the company who is also his dad because he is bad at everything , So when he learns of this he bets that he can do this job easily .He is wrong because he ruins deals with other company's . He finds that it is hard and goes back to the old position

Meanwhile Joel is sick and absent at school so Allen who thinks they are best friends takes his place .The crew actually likes Allen better than Joel .Once Allen reports that his friends like him and his girl friend broke up with him in order to ask out Allen Joel goes to school . They don't want him back but Allen thinks that Joel will easily find a new group and stop being " Friends" with Allen so he leaves and insults them all and Joel stands up for them and leaves Allen embarrassed.