"Gay School Dance" is the third episode of first season of Allen Gregory.


Gay School Dance
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date November 13, 2011
Written by Jarred Paul Jonah Hill and Andrew Mogel
Directed by Tyree Dillhay
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Allen wants Principal Gottlieb to come to the dance with him who once again rejects him. He tries to hang with Joel Zodack who humiliates him .Allen reports to Richard who suggest to Principal Gottileb to have boys ask boys and girls ask girls she doesn't want to untill she is accused of being homophobic . Allen prepares to ask Joel but Joel already asked Patrick .Allen cries in the bathroom but finds that Joel plans to have Gullermo pants Patrick he doesn't tell anybody except Julie who reports to Principal Gottlieb who plans to make ALLEN the one who pantes Patrick in order to expell Allen . Julie tells Allen that pansing Patrick will make him cool he believes and tries doing it but Gullermio pantses Allen who makes a speech about friendship and the dance continues

Meanwhile Jeremy is a current DJ who kids want to DJ the dance . Richard intentionally gets him fired and Jeremy flips on him . They make up and Jeremy DJ'S the dance