"Full Blown Maids" is the fifth episode of first season of Allen Gregory.


Full Blown Maids
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date November 27, 2011
Written by Guy Endore Kaiser
Directed by Wes Archer
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Allen walks in on the maid using the bathroom and fingers her. He makes a mess in the lunchroom and tries getting Hispanic student Guillermo to clean it up mistaking him for a janitor and eats him when he says no . Since he is { unknown to him} good boy Gina { the teacher} makes him write a 50 sentence paper on why racism is okay . He tries getting Richard's help but he is busy { see subplot below} so he decides to make a play based on why janitors should do there jobs .{ he still isn't convinced that Guillermo is a student } the play goes on and he is booed but he has a talk with Gina and is ready to say sorry but people find that Guillermo { who talked on the stage } WAS a part of the play so Allen takes the glory and fame much to Gina's dismay. 

Meanwhile Richard tried of Jeremy going away { his job is only in the morning } decides to take advantage of his maid job and hires him for his house. He makes Jeremy do retarded tasks and he quits. They make up in the end .