1 Night in Gottlieb
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date November 6, 2011
Written by Michael Colton and John Aboud
Directed by Colin Heck
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"Gay School Dance"

"1 Night in Gottlieb" is the second episode of first season of Allen Gregory and the second episode overall.


Allen and Patrick find out that Joel Zodack and his girlfriend have matching bracelets to prove they are dating so then Allen tries to get in on some of they glory by saying he is dating principal Gottlieb but since he has no bracelet to prove it he is made fun of .Since Allen has a sick twisted mind he decides to make a sex tape with him and Gottlieb who obviously denies and decides to send him to therapy but not before starting the rumor about the sex tape . The counselor tells Allen Gregory that he is married to Gottlieb causing Allen to tell him it is real and the counselor foolishly believes him and sets a deadline to bring it in. The kids also are curious to see it . His friend tries to help him but nothing happens as it will take a long time so Allen simply comes in with a DVD but breaks it and makes a speech and a legacy occurs.

Meanwhile Julie brings friends who are disabled and Richard recruits new friends so she will be cool and she gets mad they make up and he gives her friends back.

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  • This episode reveals that Principal Gottlieb is married to the counselor .